EMFIS: Chris – thanks for taking the time to speak with us this afternoon. It has now been over a month since Rebootizer Group plc listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and we wanted to get a quick update on the business and progress made so far from the CFO.

EMFIS: Since the company floated what has the response been from investors?
Chris: I think the listing has been very successful so far in terms of raising the company’s profile significantly, and it has been an important step in the evolution of Rebootizer Group. The stock seems to have been well received on the market, so we are very pleased.

EMFIS: Are you impressed with how the listing in Frankfurt has performed since you joined the exchange in March and share price performance?
Chris: Of course. Since the company listed we have seen the price in Frankfurt rise by almost 30%. It is always great to see an increase on the issue price, as this shows that investors have confidence in the business, but I tend not to put too much focus on this. I am more focused on the development of the business as stated to shareholders at the beginning . We are all focused on growing the business into a global brand,  which will in turn create intrinsic value for our investors.

EMFIS: Have your major shareholders been supportive since listing and are you in regular communication with them?
Chris: Naturally we are very much in touch with our major shareholders. They have been, and continue to be, very supportive of the company. Our shareholders have been impressed at our growth and with the series of announcements we have made. They are obviously very happy with the positive move in our share price.

EMFIS: The company is now also listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. How has this affected the company and trading?
Chris: The dual-listing in Vienna was part of a strategy to increase the company’s exposure to European capital markets. We are delighted with the liquidity of the stock on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and hope to achieve similar volumes in Vienna. We are hoping to be distributing into Austria in the near future and this should further increase brand awareness.

EMFIS: You say that the company’s listing on European stock exchanges have helped put Rebootizer Group on the global stage. You also recently went on as one of the main sponsors to the FIM World Motocross Championships. Have you been encouraged by the sponsorship of this global event and people’s reactions?
Chris: We have been very encouraged by the response we have had since the first event. I think few people really realise the exposure that this sport has. Over the last two years it has reached out to over a billion people. Since Rebootizer Group are one of the main sponsors, this does wonders for brand awareness. We have had a lot of interest in the company and the brand since the first event.

EMFIS:  And finally, congratulations Chris on your most recent distribution agreement in South America. Will we be seeing Rebootizer in other territories around the world soon?
Chris: Absolutely! We are working hard on number of other distribution agreements in North America and the Asia Pacific region. We recognise that these markets have huge potential and we hope to announce successful completion of such agreements over the coming months.

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