Good morning Harry – thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you.  Your CV is incredibly impressive and your involvement in growing Red Bull is staggering.  You have recently joined Rebootizer Group PLC as non executive chairman.

Harry – these must be exciting times for Rebootizer Group with the impending stock market IPO? Absolutely – this is early on in the story for Rebootizer.  When i started at Red Bull in 1996 circa 3m units were being sold in the British Isles a year.  When I left in 2007 sales of units of red bull were in excess of 300m units.  These companies have the potential to have incredibly high growth.

In terms of growth in Red Bull that is very impressive.  Do you think Rebootizer has the same growth potential? Yes – it is an innovative product and could very easily embrace a cult following in the same way Red Bull did.  I think that countries in South America have high growth potential and the Chinese market is huge.  Everyone globally knows the Chinese mentality of working and playing very hard and this could be a large market for Rebootizer.  China’s population currently stands at 1.34bn – it is an enormous opportunity.  We already have a distribution contract signed for China which is great news.

What do you see as important to marketing of the product and raising brand awareness? It is important to appeal to the right audience.  The Rebootizer audience is 18-35yr olds who have disposable income and clearly like to party!  The Rebootizer marketing team are using all the latest marketing techniques in terms of social networking sites and brand interaction as well as traditional marketing routes such as sponsorship of international sporting and music events.

Will Rebootizer be looking to appoint other industry experts to the board such as yourself? Absolutely.  We will look to appoint the appropriate people who we think can add value to the company which is fundamental to creating shareholder value.

In terms of shareholders – have you had a chance to speak to the major ones and what is their view on the company? All the major shareholders I have spoken with are long term holders.  They see the potential of this company.  The margins are superb and it appears to be a product that distributors worldwide want.  The large shareholders are looking for an exit in 3 years via a bid for the whole company at a lot higher valuation than where it will IPO

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