rebootizer productRebootizer® is an instant detoxifying drink made from natural fruit and plant extracts. Consumed at night, the product’s powerful antioxidant and digestive properties can support the body to fight oxidative stress cleansing toxins from food and drink consumption.

A blend of natural fruit and plant extracts specially elaborated to support the body to fight oxidative stress and support cleansing function such as:

Dandelion (root): antioxidant and diuretic
Licorice (root):antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, liver protective
Angelica (root): anti-spasmodic, Gastric stimulant
Artichoke (flower): antioxidant and liver protective
Lemon balm (leaf):  anti-spasmodic and digestive
Acerola: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Lemon: antioxidant and anti-spasmodic

Rebootizer® is produced under recognised international high quality standards and all of the ingredients in the product have been approved according to Swiss, European and International legislations.

Efficiency of the product was proven by a scientific study, demonstrating its properties on oxidizing stress. This study, based on the evaluation of the effect of the plant extract on the rate of oxidisation of aldehyde and ethanol, validated the energy of the metabolisation (degradation) process.

The product was launched onto the market in a revolutionary quick-to-use packaging: “MixPak®”,which protects ingredients’ potency from water’s natural oxidation effects until mixed fresh upon consumption.

“Made from NATURAL fruit and plant extracts.”